Is Modern Vegetarianism a Movement?

Is Modern Vegetarianism a Movement?

Is Modern Vegetarianism a Movement?

In today’s society vegetarianism has gained a lot of hype. As of recent, vegetarianism appears to be a type of trend. Currently, 25 percent of Americans even claim that they think being a vegetarian is “cool,” according to Time Magazine.

It is fair to say that the development of popular frozen vegetarian foods such as to furkey, veggiedogs and black bean burgers are a true testament to the fact that vegetarianism is gaining popularity amongst the masses.

Today, vegetarianism has become a sort of movement. Massive support comes from organizations like the Humane Society and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), who have tremendous lobbying power over large companies and organizations. They have led millions of consumers to adjust their diets to not include meat, fish or poultry; and believe it or not, many have followed.

Do You Know the Proper Vegetarian Etiquette?

Is there such a thing as vegetarian etiquette? When it comes to being a guest at an event other than your own, yes, there is such a thing. Suppose that you are invited to a friend’s wedding. Upon being invited, you take it upon yourself to request a vegetarian meal, as opposed to what they are serving for the rest of their guests. Would that be rude? Yes, it would. However, there are ways around such a situation. In the case of a wedding, it is polite to not say anything about your meal preferences, but rather make it a point to eat a meal prior to the event. Otherwise, you can simply pick around the meat or only visit the salad bar.

Conversely, suppose you have been invited to a close friend’s house for a dinner party. In this case, it would be acceptable to mention that you do not eat meat and would love to provide a vegetarian dish for everyone to try. This is a more acceptable approach to staying true to your diet, in terms of proper vegetarian etiquette.
When it comes to vegetarianism there certainly appears to be a movement lead by superstars, influential organizations and of course those who have already pledged their diets to be free of animal products.

If you have not given vegetarianism a try, jump on the bandwagon! Today vegetarian meals are far more eclectic, creative and actually rather delicious! If you have not yet taken the plunge, give it a go. You might be surprised at how healthy, energetic and clean your body feels once free of animal products.